For Teenagers

Full Throttle - the high-energy teen ministry

RU Full Throttle Every Friday, teens get together at Full Throttle to participate in intense, high-energy team competitions. There’s always a variety of games and activities. Then, we take some time out to learn a about God and how living life by Bible principles can strengthen our family, friendships, and dating relationships. It’s not church. It’s not religion. It’s about a personal life with God at your side.

The Full-Throttle class features features small group discussions, powerful Bible teaching, games and physical challenges, Bible trivia competition, RU teen curriculum and journal development and is concluded with a time of food and fellowship.


RU Full Throttle is a place for teens ages 13-18 to meet, compete, hang out, and find help for the everyday issues of life. Sound intense? It is! Whoever you are, we have a place for you at Full Throttle. Maybe you love sports, or winning in competitions? Full Throttle is a chance for you to get on a team and stomp some other teens into the dust! (Figuratively, not literally. Sorry.) Maybe you want to get out of the house for a while to chill with some friends? Ok, you’re welcome too. Maybe you’re struggling with a relationship, or frustrated with your parents? Full Throttle is a place you can find help in dealing with the everyday issues that teens face. Peer pressure? Drugs? Sex? We’ve got answers.

For more information visit the RU Full Throttle website. For information about starting an RU Full Throttle class in your chapter or church please contact us for information.