Alternative Sentencing Options

a transitional, accountability based reporting process

The RU Plus Program

Who is this program for? This program is offered for individuals scheduled for early release or parole. The program is a transitional accountability based reporting process. The RU Plus program can be offered as a legal alternative to court-mandated couseling or treatment programs. We have a quick application process to determine if one can qualify for the program. To apply simply contact us. You’ll need to provide the contact information of a magistrate judge, lawyer, case worker, or parole officer.

We provide a letter of proposal for the program. The proposal includes the various facets of requirements, reports, and accountability procedures that will be set in place as a part of the program.

The purpose of this plan is to increase the level of structure in the life of the student and require more accountability to the Reformers Unanimous Director and their leadership.

The student is required to have a meeting with the RU Director before beginning RU Plus in order to understand all components of the program.

RU Plus Student Requirements

Students are assigned challenges to complete outside of class. Students are strongly encouraged to attend our multiple meetings/services. A counsel leader is available to the student at all times for questions, support, and encouragement. Our goal is to equip each student with all the tools necessary for them to be totally free from their current addiction.


  • A weekly group counsel session (~1 hour)
  • A weekly addiction abstinence/behavioral modification training class (2.5 hours)
  • A weekly individual counseling session (~1 hour)
  • Daily journal development for the duration of the program
  • Taught the importance of commitment, responsibility and following structure that is set up by authority
  • Completion of personal growth challenges monitored by an RU Plus staff member
  • Taught the importance of accountability, goals, and responsibilities of life
  • Detailed follow-up reporting with the recovering addict’s legal officials/probation officers


  • Weekly community service opportunities
  • Weekly attendance at RU meetings
  • Memorization of ten principles to Develop abstinence
  • Memorization of ten statutes for lifestyle structure
  • Memorization of nine temperaments to obtain freedom
  • Write 10 essays on various topics concerning various temptations that lead to addiction
  • Meet or exceed 107 personal challenges from the program director
  • Read at least 110 chapters of our class textbook
  • Memorize 106 Bible verses

For additional information on the RU Plus program or to schedule an appointment contact us today.