Rockford, IL

Three Reasons to Come To Rockford

Director of HousingAre you or somebody you love in need of a level of discipleship that exceeds the scope of what your local chapter RU can offer? Perhaps you’ve found some level of victory, but then seemed to inexplicably fall backwards. Or perhaps you or your loved one just simply need to get away from the people, places, and things that hinder your efforts in living for Christ. Whatever the reason may be for you or your loved one (and there are many), residential treatment is the method of choice for those who are serious about finding the victory in their lives that has otherwise eluded them.

At the Reformers Unanimous International Headquarters in Rockford, Illinois, we operate both a Men’s and Women’s School of Discipleship for people who find themselves in this very place. For sake of brevity, I will forgo a full description of our Recovery Homes, but needless to say, our six month intensive discipleship program works for even the most stubborn of snares and hang-ups. How well does it work? Well, our most recent survey tells us that it works more than 82% of the time! This figure far surpasses the success rate of many other well known in-patient programs. To get more details on the finer points of our residential program, click here .

So, what are you waiting for??? Why haven’t you made arrangements to get yourself or the person you love out to Rockford to receive the help that is desperately needed?

While working with our admissions staff to coordinate the enrollment of hundreds of students into our homes each year, I typically hear the same reasons (or excuses) for why somebody doesn’t want to make the decision to enter the RU Men’s or Women’s School of Discipleship. By a long shot, the top three reasons given for bypassing this opportunity of a lifetime are:

1) Distance from Home
2) Duration of Program
3) Financial Constraints

On the surface, these factors appear to be three valid reasons for why a person shouldn’t, or can’t, enroll in the RU Schools of Discipleship. However, in reality, these very factors happen to be three of the top reasons somebody SHOULD enter our homes! Please allow me to explain…

Distance from Home

It is very understandable and natural for people to be apprehensive about travelling a great distance from home to participate in a recovery program. Family bonds and home roots run deep and strong, and it can be very difficult to place oneself far from the comfort zones they have forged over many years. However, we have found that this very distance is often a key factor for our program’s success. When a person is far from home physically, there seems to be a psychological connection in that it is easier for them to distance themselves mentally and emotionally from their home life in order to better focus on the Lord and their recovery. In addition to this, when a person is far from home, it makes quitting and giving up on their recovery much more difficult. It is a lot easier to walk out of a local facility and return to one’s old life then it is to line up the support and resources necessary to make extensive travel arrangements to return home. For this very reason, we have seen many students “stick it out” through the tough times that God uses to forge a new lifestyle.

Duration of Program

Six months!!! Ugghhh!!! That sure does seem awfully long! Believe it or not, our program used to be a minimum 10 months long. But through years of experience and trial, we have determined the optimum standard program length to be six months. This is simply how long it takes to equip most with the tools necessary to live a victorious life in Christ. A real, true transformation takes time. Most people have spent decades reinforcing the destructive behaviors that have caused their lives to run astray. It is reasonable then to believe that it is going to take far more than 28 days to undo the very fabric of one’s being and replace it with a foundation from which they may build a life of freedom.
Additionally, we have found that it is only when one is willing to forsake everything-jobs, schooling, relationships, etc.-, and put their lives on hold, that God can truly begin to restore them from the inside out. When a person is willing to commit six whole months of their life to recovery (at the expense of much), half of the battle is won already. They are finally making their recovery and transformation priority number one!

Financial Constraints

Even though residency in the RU Homes is very reasonably priced, the cost can seem daunting to some. When compared to standard 12-step in-patient program, however, things begin to come into clearer perspective. Simply said, there is no more cost-efficient means to finding lasting victory in Christ! With that said, we understand that most people who need the help of our homes are typically not in position to finance their stay themselves. It is for this reason that we have meticulously trained our admissions staff to work with potential students to raise the necessary support. Prospective students are often amazed when they find an outpouring of support, financial and otherwise, from people in their lives with whom they’ve thought their bridges were burned. Family, friends, and others who otherwise wouldn’t offer a shred of assistance, will frequently open up their hearts and wallets to a person who is demonstrating that they are finally serious about getting the help
they need. Some students are supported by family members, others friends. Others still are supported by a local church they are affiliated with or even local organizations that offer assistance in such cases.

Whatever the methods, our staff is very skilled in working with potential students to help them raise the funds needed to enter the home. And of course, for those very few cases where absolutely nothing can be done, we do offer a limited amount of scholarship assistance to make getting REAL help accessible to everybody. It is also very important to note that we have clearly observed a direct correlation between success of a student and the financial investment that has been made into them. In other words, we have found that when a student is cognizant of the fact that others are sacrificing financially for them to get help, they tend to capitalize on it all the more. So, no matter how you look at it, financial obstacles should never be a reason for not enrolling in the homes.

The bottom line and purpose of this blog is to point out that there really is no good reason NOT to attend the RU Schools of Discipleship for one who is in need of its services. If you or your loved one is on the fence about surrendering to the Lord and getting the residential care they need, we would love to help walk you through the process. I can personally promise you that you will not regret your decision. In my years affiliated with the RU ministry, I have never had an RU homes graduate tell me that they wished they hadn’t attended. In fact, I can say confidently that the consensus is unanimous that those who attend and graduate are ALWAYS glad that they did so. You or your loved one will be too.

If you have any questions about the RU Homes or would like to enroll, please call our admissions office at 815-986-0460. If it is after hours and you would like to speak with somebody immediately, you can reach us on our toll-free hotline 24-hours a day at, 866 Reformu.

Hope to see you or your loved one in the home soon!

Chris Lemke

Director, Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship