Residential Treatment

Real residential treatment. Affordable and 82% effective

This program is offered at the Reformers Unanimous International Headquarters in Rockford, IL.


The Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship is a six to eight month intensive discipleship programs for men and women with addictions. They provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the addicted can be discipled in an environment that is much like a greenhouse. The addict is protected from the elements of life as they become grounded, rooted and begin to grow and mature. Their residential treatment homes that are intended for the “non-functioning” addict can effectively minister to up to 100 men and 40 ladies. Visit the website to find out more about this life changing discipleship program, and download an application today.

Discipleship Homes

We believe true addiction treatment begins with discipleship. At the Paul Allen Kingsbury School for Men, we house, train, develop, and disciple nearly 100 persons every eight months to live the crucified Christian life. This life will grant all of mankind freedom from the penalty of sin, as well as provide them with the relationship with Christ necessary to enjoy their freedom from the power of sin.

Our women’s school of discipleship currently houses 30 Ladies. Operated nearly identically to our men’s schools of discipleship, this residential program will protect your ladies from many of the perils of society while we leading them to become the vessel that God intended.

Statistics of Graduates from the Discipleship Homes

Click here to read the four reasons for our superior results. Some important statistics:
* Victorious over addiction after one year- 80%
* Gainfully employed after one year- 79%
* Right in relationships after one year- 80%
* Faithful in church after one year- 76%
* Over 350 Graduates
* Over 50 graduates in full time ministry
* Men’s capacity- 100
* Women’s capacity- 30

For more information about the Discipleship Homes visit the national website. If you or someone you know is interested in going to the Discipleship Homes please contact us and we will help you get started.