Support for Friends and Families

I’m Here to Help an Addicted Loved One

If someone you know is struggling with an addiction, it is time to take action. Addiction crosses all societal boundaries, affects both genders, every ethnic group, and people in every tax bracket. Addiction is not about how much a person uses, but what their addiction is doing to their health, emotions, relationships and finances. So whether a person gets uses daily or once a week is irrelevant. It is commonly believed that an addict has to “hit bottom” before help can be offered and accepted. “Bottom” is where and when you decide to start a new life. Change can begin now. Reformers Unanimous offers several resources to friends and families of addicts for support, encouragement and to learn how to help them.

Help For Families of Addicts

“I have not seen or heard from my son in four weeks. I know he was alive a month ago because he stopped by his grandparent’s house asking for food and money. You see, my son is running from multiple warrants for drug possession. I know that he has guns, and I’m afraid he’ll kill himself or someone else–including me. I’m actually praying he will get arrested and go to prison so that he can at least realize that he has a problem. This is the hardest, saddest time of my life, and if it were not for my walk with the Lord, I don’t know what I would do. Even now I wonder if I can make it as I am increasingly overwhelmed with anxiety over whether my son is dead or alive. If it were not for the Reformers Unanimous program and the support of my leadership that I have found there, I don’t think I could carry on—it’s just so hard.”

The above is an excerpt from a letter written by a woman who is just like you and me. What has happened to this woman, tragically, can happen to anybody. Read the “Help For Families of Addicts” articles on the website. Dr. George Crabb details ‘Signs of Addiction’, ‘Understanding Guilt’, ‘Co-Dependency / Enablement’ and the ‘Effects on Family Members’.

The Support I Need

Each addict significantly impacts the life of at least four people! With so much attention paid to the addict sometimes those who are impacted get neglected. It is just as important for the spouses, kids, friends and family of an addict get the support they need. Below are some resources that can help begin to provide that information. More resources are detailed in the following sections.

Online Resources

  • RU Recovery Blog – a blog with articles written by the Steve Curington, Dr. George Crabb, Ben Burks and other RU leaders with help for addicts and families of addicts.
  • The Victorious Life Blog – the personal blog of Steve Curington, founder and director of Reformers Unanimous International. Steve Curington Ministries involves both the preaching and print ministry for Brother Curington’s teachings on the “hidden life.” These are not warmed over truths culled from a book, but these are truths that God has given Steve, and he has a distinct burden to disseminate these truths through evangelistic meetings, MP3 sermons, and the printing of books.
  • Dr. George Crabb Blog – the personal blog of Dr. George Crabb, board-certified physician and addiction expert. Dr. Crabb works very closely with RU as their Staff Physician and Medical Advisor. Dr. Crabb has authored numerous books on drug addiction, pornography and depression. Dr. Crabb actively travels putting on seminars and teaching and preaching from the Bible regarding the woes of addiction but more importantly the freedom an individual can have from their addiction through the Truth.
  • Personal Discovery Kit – The Personal Discovery Kit is a revolutionary at home discipleship program developed from over a decade of experience working with tens of thousands of apathetic Christians through the Reformers Unanimous discipleship program. Renowned discipleship experts Dr. Paul Kingsbury, and Steven Curington have produced a program that uses a unique biblical approach to develop lifelong intimacy with Jesus Christ. If you are sick of your Christian experience not living up to its potential then discover the Personal Discovery Kit. Website »

Mens and Ladies Schools of Discipleship

For those who need to get away from it all. The Reformers Unanimous Schools of Discipleship are a eight month intensive residential addiction treatment program for men and women with addictions. We provide a reconstructive learning atmosphere where the addicted can be discipled in an environment that is much like a greenhouse. We protect them from the elements of life as they become grounded, rooted and begin to grow and mature. Our residential treatment homes that are intended for the “non-functioning” addict can effectively minister to up to 100 men and 40 ladies. Website »