What We Do

At Reformers Unanimous we help anyone.

A recovery program like no other. Substance abuse, emotional and physical disorders, apathy and more are all cared for in a dynamic, family-friendly, faith-based environment. All addictions whether practiced for a short time or for years, physical (alcohol, drugs, meds, pornography, etc), emotional/psychological (anxiety, depression, etc) or spiritual (apathy, powerlessness, etc) all have the same answer of Truth. Learn why Reformers Unanimous has a 75% success rate.

Help is readily available for you. If you are struggling with any type of addition, we are a phone call or email away. You can contact our office at (330) 338-5165 or email@rustreetsboro.com.

Addiction is a problem that breaks down the walls of all socio-economic classes and devours whoever it can, regardless of their upbringing or background.

— Dr. George Crabb -www.drgeorgecrabb.com

We apply the same truths and principles to all addiction because all addiction is sin. In addition to the principles we teach we have many addiction specific resources and counseling to help with your specific stronghold (habit).

The RU Basics

Reformers Unanimous is an incredibly effective program for anyone who participates. Students come from across all age/gender/economic/social backgrounds. They may never have set foot in a church before or they may have attended for their entire life. A great deal of the RU program is focused on transforming church members who are living the “redundant Christian life” to the “abundant Christian life”. Watch the short video below for a powerful, practical message on how RU is so effective and uniquely positioned to be a powerful influence in the time in which we live:

If you want to know more about what the Reformers Unanimous Ministry is about start with the ‘For the Addicted‘ page. It explains the ministry, the 10 Principles of Prosperity that RU is based on, and our Friday Night Class Format. Additionally, there are links to the Reformers Unanimous websites that can provide you with all the details and answer any questions. In general, Reformers Unanimous offers:

Great Teaching

Reformers Unanimous meetings include a 30 minute teaching lesson on how to overcome temptation, using principles found in the Bible.

Testimony Time

Each volunteer student has an opportunity to share how God has changed their lives. Our visitors love to hear stories of God’s miraculous, saving grace. We hear of days, months, and years of victory and give awards for each. Stories of Victory…

Personal Counseling

Each meeting we break into counsel groups to share each of our burdens and blessings. Personal counsel is available if needed.

Leadership staff

Each Reformers Unanimous group has its very own leadership staff of volunteers who are trained to work with you one-on-one or in group counseling.

Transitional Housing

God has expanded the ministry of Reformer’s Unanimous through the opening of two transitional homes that help men and women move from worldliness to Christ likeness. It is a restricted residence that is experiencing incredible success in helping believers to become firmly grounded and back on their feet, thus moving forward to serve God. More About the Schools of Discipleship…

Clean Nurseries

Reformers Unanimous offers a clean nursery and trained workers for kids aged 3 and under at no charge. No need for costly child care while you recover.

Children’s Programs

Reformers Unanimous offers organized programs for children ages 4 through 14 and teenagers. They learn Bible stories, play games, make crafts, enjoy treats, and have a lot of fun! Visit the Kidz Club page…

Awards Programs

Reformers Unanimous awards students with awards appropriate for each level achieved in the program.

Complete Curriculum

RU offers a complete curriculum of workbooks, study guides, CD’s/tapes and much more, available to help you develop a personal walk with God. Visit the RU Bookstore…

Next Step…

Reformers Unanimous goes way beyond our Friday night meetings. Read the ‘For the Addicted‘ page for more about ‘Helps For Addicts’, ‘Additional RU Programs’ and ‘Additional RU Resources’.